Why we started The Cambridge Box Company

Hi, we are Hilary and Neil, founders of The Cambridge Box Company. The idea for this venture came to us some time ago when we were looking for ideas for Christmas and birthday presents for our family.

Like a lot of people, we live some distance from a lot of family members and friends, so we often send gifts through the post. It was then that we came across subscription boxes and really liked the idea of a gift that keeps on giving, reminding our loved ones that we are thinking of them throughout the year and not just at Christmas or on their birthday.

We decided to set up our own subscription box business that would be UK based and concentrate on providing a variety of high quality subscription boxes and a great customer experience, starting with our Home Fragrance range.

The standard of the products that we supply is of utmost importance to us. We are particularly inspired by products that not only give to the recipient, but also give back to the people and communities that lovingly create them. These products will be the highlight of many of our boxes. We will also endeavour to share some of the remarkable stories behind these products or companies, whether they are Fairtrade, artisan, family-run businesses, independent suppliers, locally produced, handmade or just a new, quality product. These are the products that got us excited in the first place.

We chose to launch with a range of our own brand products and gift boxes. These gift boxes not only provide luxurious products in their own right, they also give a great taste of the type of exciting subscription boxes to come.

It has been both a difficult and wonderful journey to get here, but our boxes are finally ready and we look forward to the next stage of this exciting adventure. The subscription box industry is definitely a popular trend in e-commerce within the UK at present and by building trust with our customers, we hope to show how exciting subscription boxes can be.



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We aim to be delivering a product and service that our customers love. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our products or service, please contact us - we would be delighted to hear from you.

Fall in love with opening boxes and discover something wonderful inside.


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