Why Are Some Scents So Expensive?

29th July 2018

The price of a scent reflects the cost of the precious raw materials and the length of time it has taken to create and develop the perfume. The skill of the perfumer, who will have had many years of training, will also be factored in. There will be design costs of the bottle (some include … Read More

Is there a battle of the sexes in home fragrances?

25th May 2018

Historically, perfumers have been male dominated, but this has significantly changed over the last few years with a lot of the leading perfumers now being women. There have been many studies that have looked into the difference between the sexes in terms of the ability to smell. It has generally resulted in the belief that … Read More

Candle Etiquette

14th April 2018

There are many different opinions on candle etiquette – I will tiptoe through some of the key tips so that you can enjoy and maximise your candle experience. I will not include some of the more obvious tips, such as keeping them out of reach of animals and children along with not lighting your candle … Read More

Box Opening – Corporate Style

30th March 2018

Large corporate companies take their packaging very seriously. They take years to design the packaging – companies like Apple have apparently employed dedicated box openers, whilst others will spend a huge amount of time with focus groups ensuring all aspects of the box opening experience are taken care of. Where does that leave the smaller … Read More

Subscription Boxes – A Brief History and The Future?

8th March 2018

Subscription services have been around for many years, even before the internet (remember those days?) with wine and book clubs being common place. The rapid growth of the subscription box industry can be pinned down to the 2010/11 period where there were some large, multi-million dollar fund-raising in the U.S. for subscription box companies such … Read More

Reed Diffuser Tips & Etiquette

5th March 2018

With reed diffusers becoming increasingly popular, how much do we actually know about the reeds? Hopefully a little more after reading this! What are reed diffusers made of? Firstly, let’s talk about the reeds themselves. It is important that these are made of the correct material – it’s not wood, it’s not bamboo but actual … Read More

Spritz or Spray, That is the Question

12th December 2017

‘Spritz’ is a word normally used to describe a wine based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in North East Italy, but it is also used to describe products such as perfume and home fragrances. If you’re looking for information on the cocktail, I would be happy to discuss the subject on our Twitter page, … Read More

Attar, Oudh and Bergamot

22nd November 2017

Now I don’t know about you, but when I first saw this mixture of fragrances there was a puzzled look on my face and I thought perhaps there had been a spelling mistake or two! Bergamot I was comfortable in my knowledge of bergamot – a citrus fruit the size of an orange and the … Read More